Plateau Broken

I am still here.  I’ve been busy trying to clean, organize, and get ready for Spring, and my yard has been a big job to tackle.  This year I am gardening, so there has been a lot to do.  I just about have a handle on the leaf situation.. although the 3 days of rain Southern California just got did knock down a new mess to tackle once it dries.  We so needed the rain!

The excellent news is that plateau I’ve been struggling to get below on the scale for the last 2 years since my first shoulder surgery is finally broken.  I’ve stayed below it for 4 days now, so it’s for real.  That is the hardest one, and I’ve faced that number before so I know.  Now I know I have  better control and things will move along more quickly.  I try not to gage my progress entirely by scale weight, to be clear, because while I’ve burned fat I’ve been gaining muscle.  That’s part of what took so long to break that number, and I am aware of it.  For ME I just needed to see it though.  I know my clothing is looser, but I needed to see both happening.  I can’t tell you how happy I am about it.

What I’ve lost total at this point is about 25 lbs.  That however represents a lot more fat burned than it sounds like, because I’m putting on muscle weight at the same time.  It’s great progress.

I went hiking with my brother again a week ago.  We picked a local nature trail near where he lives that proved to be a little challenging.  It has steeper inclines than the one near me, so I got a good idea of what my legs are capable of at this point.  I’m satisfied with the progress, in all honesty.  I think I did really well.  We also got chased by some aggressive bees that did not resemble the ones in my own hive here at home in the least personality-wise.  I guess we got a little too close to their hive.  Oops!  One got tangled in my hair.  It was a tense minute while I figured out how to get him loose, but I stayed calm enough to not get stung.  Phew!  After I evicted the passenger, I proved I can run up a hill too.  LOL  I couldn’t have done that a year ago!

So there is progress.  It’s good.  We will be picking someplace with more altitude soon, because that does make a difference.  The weather through March is likely to be unpredictable and full of bad behavior, and so I expect that is a few weeks off still.  In any case, it’s turning out to be a decent start to the year.  🙂



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