Phyllis Patterson: May 18, 2014

Beautifully written thoughts on Phyllis…

Kathleen, Kage and the Company

Kage Baker credited a good part of her inspiration and writing career to a lady named Phyllis Patterson.

Phyllis herself demurred, assuring Kage that all she, Phyllis, had done was create an opportunity for Kage to find out what was inside herself. For Phyllis Patterson, the ability to create that opportunity, that setting, that entire world that could nurture people like Kage and a thousand other creative minds, apparently seemed obvious. Simple. Easy.

It wasn’t. But Phyllis was a fountain, a bottomless spring of ideas that she poured out for the world like Magna Mater and the Ocean-Sea combined; she was the source of a flood of creative power that changed the structure of the world for thousands and thousands of people. She called herself, modestly, Chief Instigator – but what she was, at her best, was the voice of the Goddess of creation, alive and walking among Her sons…

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4 thoughts on “Phyllis Patterson: May 18, 2014

  1. Thanks for re-posting this Tala, I made a video about Phyllis Patterson. I couldn’t find any reference to her death in any mainstream media, not even the IJ, Marin County’s well-respected Independent-Journal in Novato, the long-time home of RenFaire at Black Point. I came across Kate/Kage’s blog, even re-posted the relevant parts of it with my YouTUBE posting of my tribute memorial presentation. I myself also just learned of her passing back in 2010 from his sisters’ comments. Please review my video and let me know if any changes need be made, or if you have any source/re-source for substitute photographs and imagery.

    Enjoy, and if you will be so kind please forward, re-post and share my Renaissance Faire video with others.

    G-Shots-TV, Videography
    G-Shots by GARi, Photograhy

  2. You’re most welcome Tala. It was great coming across you block. I had already see Kate/Kage’s blog, which gave me much insight into Auntie Phyliis, how she so skillfully enriched the lives of so many others, and was loved and appreciated by those whose at Faire. It also gave me an opportunity to share my video with those who truly care and cared about Phyllis.From my research I could really see that her vision and inspiration was the true force behind the Renaissance Faires, and what followed, much more than Ron, for that was two years before he even became involved.

    I’m working on an updated version of my video presentation as we speak. I still have not come across a published Obit on her, indeed many many on Ron dating back to 2011, and while I now know her middle name and the full hyphenated name she has been using since their divorce in the late ’80’s, I still don’t know her date of birth. Perhaps someone here does.

    My updated Renaissance Faire video will be even more of an historical piece than the first one it will be burned and uploaded on my YouTUBE ‘GShotsTV’ Channel later today. Then the video will be re-posted and shared with her many identified friends on Facebook My Facebook channel is under my name, there is only one Gary Mondfrans in the whole world, a fact I truly take heart in. As to my website, well I much rather create new videos and have little patience for working with HTML so it will be quite awhile before the full high-quality file get posted on my website.

    Stay tuned, more fun to come.

    Thanks again and take care,

    Gary J. Mondfrans

    G-Shots TV

    • There is a Skyfaire Home Page group in Facebook where you will find many expressions of love about her. I’m not sure of her date of birth either. I believe she was lain to rest today.

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