Fly Free, Jhonathan Florez

Jhonathan Florez had such a bright spirit and an expression of joy about him. You could be sure listening to his voice that he had an absolute and abiding love for what he was doing. The inherent risk of extreme sports, and having friends that participate in them is that there will be losses. That doesn’t make it any easier to process when it happens… other than to say that he died doing exactly what gave him that joy, and what he loved so much. There is sense in that and it is a reminder of what a precious gift of life we have been given. When you do rare things, work harder than most for it, and stand out with skill and experience as some with these achievements do, you have truly lived. I know that my family won’t ever fully understand, nor will some of my friends, why I am headed in the direction that I am in my own life… but I would rather have that much joy and life in a shorter time on this planet than to reach 95 and only wish I had done something great with the time I had. I follow inspiring people like Jhonathan because they are a constant reminder to really live. Even once they are gone.

My sincerest condolences to those that knew him personally. He made such a lasting impression on everyone, and will be remembered forever with a warm smile. “Cya”


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