Surviving death online

This is very well thought out and genuine. It is a set of standards we all need to exercise with regard to social media and modern communications. Good read.

woman widow friend


It’s been four months now since my husband, Michael, died. Inside the storm I’ve been pondering, digesting, reading, observing, crying (obviously) and talking and now, more than ever I feel passionate about how we all choose to communicate with each other.

For context, in my professional life, I’ve spent the last 15 years working with businesses and helping managers to communicate with their staff, customers and each other. It’s a passion for me, helping people to communicate with each other in a constructive way that will help them to achieve what they want to and cope with change in their environments. Sometimes my work has included advising and handling, ‘crisis communications’. For example, how to handle communications should a fatality take place at an oil manufacturing plant.

On 27 March, Michael and his student Alannah were involved in a tragic skydiving accident. Neither of them survived.

In the immediate aftermath…

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