No Better Than Anyone

With so much in the country today that is so incredibly polarizing, nobody needs to go looking for new ways to be rude.  If you represent some particular belief system – whether it’s religion, food choices, fitness, philosophy, or ANYTHING – be a GOOD representative.  Don’t be a jerk.  People are watching you when you speak out and call yourself something in particular like “Christian”, or “vegan”, or “athlete”.  There is nothing that you can choose to be that gives you the right to be condescending about it.  There is no life path available that affords you some privilege to stand on a pedestal like you’re the example of perfection for all.  There is NOTHING you can choose in life that makes you actually better than anyone else, and gives you the right to invent insults that aren’t even based on fact… since you don’t even know the person you’re talking to.  It is a shame that no one can walk in the shoes of another as a life lesson.  There are some people out there that really need it.

We are all imperfect creatures.  We live in imperfect bodies and we have imperfect minds.  If there were no flaws to face, no challenges to hit head on, no setbacks thrown at us, and no difficulties to sort out, we would just cease to grow and even exist.  Life is about growth, progress, striving for improvement, no matter who or what you are.  Your skin color, height, weight, frame, shape, health, mental capacity, hair… those are just part of a shell you live in.  Your clothing, shoes, the car you drive, your house… those are just incidental accessories you collect.  NONE of that is WHO YOU ARE, nor should it define your character.  When you act nasty, that’s a pretty good display of your character.  Go around calling people fat, ugly, pea-brained, unintelligent, irresponsible, and worse, and it’s only a display of how ugly you really are.  If stepping on others is how you think you will elevate yourself and make progress, then it’s time to do some serious life evaluation.  If that’s your current method for creating what you think is self-esteem, or a personal image, you have a serious sickness to confront.  Your 200 or 2000 “friend list” in Facebook means nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  You’re still a jerk.  You just found a bunch of other people with as little self worth as you that were willing to accept a friend request.  So what.

Selflessness doesn’t come naturally and easily to anyone.  It is a skill that must be developed.  (Easier if you start out learning it as a child, but many do not.)  You may not ever be someone that goes out and feeds the homeless, or volunteers maintaining public land, or even sends care packages to people in need, but you can at least not speak out of turn and try to tear others down.  If you have nothing encouraging and pure to say to someone, then don’t say anything at all.  Go find a quiet spot in the woods and take a long, hard look at yourself sometime.  Even better… try spending the night alone in the woods sometime.  My father used to tell us when we were little that not very many people were cut out to handle that.  I’ve done it more than once, and he is right, it’s not easy.  All you have out there is yourself.  Go do that and get back to me.  Let me know if you can live with what you felt.

I’m not talking about a campground with 50 other people, a radio, a book to read, and playing with your cell phone.  ALONE.  In the dark.  Where it’s quiet.  Just you… and your thoughts.  See if you really like yourself that much.  Find out if that’s scary or not.



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